Quarantine issues

Miss W. has been in contact with the quarantine services here in Australia. Tasmania is a clean, green state of Australia and have very particular rules about what can be brought back into the state.

Do you have any special quarantine rules in your state or province?

Are we going to be allowed to bring Vegemite into your state?  

I reckon the students would love to taste some Australian food, like Vegemite, when we visit.

Image: ‘reg’s last meal 1

In the backpack

Well travelled dogs

While travelling, Miss W says I need to carry my day gear in a backpack or something similar.


What do you think I should have in my pack?


These are things:

  • I would use everyday while we are away
  • to make sure we are going in the right direction
  • to keep a record of where we have been
  • in case we get in trouble on the road
  • to contact people we are going to meet

Leave a comment telling me what you feel are the three most important things I should have in my backpack and why.

Image: ‘Pampered Pooches