Threatened relatives

MarsupialsDid you know today is Threatened Species Day in Australia?

There are over 1600 species of animal that are currently on the list; this does not include plants. Many of my relatives are on this list.

Back in 1936 on this day, the last Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine died in the zoo in Hobart, Tasmania. This animal was hunted to extinction as it was thought to kill the sheep. It looked like a large dog but was actually a marsupial.

People around Tasmania are having lots of different activities to remember those relatives of mine that are threatened or endangered.

Do you have any threatened or endangered animals near where you live? Have you actually seen these animals?

Perhaps you could leave a comment here or write a post in your blog about one of the animals you would like to see taken off the threatened species or endangered list in your country, state or province.

Image: ‘Marsupials

23 thoughts on “Threatened relatives

    • Blaker,
      I just searched Illinois and endangered, threatened species and you have 25 plants and animals that need looking after. Maybe you could create a special day for them at your school.

  1. Dear Mr. Davo Devil,
    There are no endangered species where I live, but I know that a lot of animals are in danger of becoming extinct, and that includes the Panda Bear. I would hate to see them go extinct! They should bring more to the zoo and help protect them!
    Sincerely, Addy

  2. i think its sad that people hunt animals that are already endangered. They should stop and governments should take some endangered animal and put them in captivity so they can reproduce

  3. Dear Mr.Davo,
    I donthave any endangered animals where I live, but I know that there are a lot. I hope they dont get extinct because I love animals!
    From, Makenna

  4. Dear Mr. Davo Devil,

    I don’t believe there are any endangered animals where I live but if there was i would try to prevent
    it’s extinction.

  5. Hello,
    Everyone says that Australia has some of the most dangerous Animals In the world and I know that is true because you were telling us all about the Animals they have there and It sounds pretty neat so thank you for visiting!

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