12 things to welcome 2012

I spent New Year’s weekend with Ethan in Arizona. Here are 12 things we did to welcome 2012:

  1. We played Q-bitz which is a visual puzzle and game.  To play this game, you have to flip a card and make the design on it as fast as you can. The objective is to finish before the other person.
  2. We played Around the World: The Ultimate Board Game. I did much better with this game because I’ve traveled several countries now and have met many people. Here were some of my favorite questions:
    • Indonesia was colonized by which of the following empires: A) Dutch B) American C) Chinese
    • From which country do Aborigines originate? Hint: Aborigines are the first inhabitants of this country.
    • Which group of people is referred to as Kiwis?
    • In which continent is the Great Barrier Reef located? Hint: It is the world’s longest coral structure

3. Ethan and I went to the Apache Junction Public Library to check out a couple of books. We got Among the Hidden and The 39 Clues.

4. After Ethan finished the first book of The 39 Clues, he got permission from his parents to make an account online to play the game. It was intriguing because you go on a mission and get clues from around the world to complete the mission.

5. We played Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars on the Wii. It was difficult for me to push the buttons on the Wii remote.

6. I got to play goalie when Ethan and his family went to play soccer.

7. We enjoyed creating Circuits such as radios, a microphone that amplifies your voice, burglar alarms, lie detector, doorbells and much more!

8. I helped Ethan with his Brain Benders puzzles. It was a good thing I have four paws to keep the pieces in place.

9. I helped Ethan make homemade alfredo sauce for dinner. It was so scrumptious, and really easy to make! I was so glad we got to help make the dinner.

10. After dinner, we had a Nerf gun war. Since I’m small, it was really difficult for him to hit me.

11. I helped Ethan make a delicious dessert. We just put the pretzels on the cookie sheet and unwrapped Hersey kisses to place on top. After they melted, we stuck a peanut butter M & M on it. Yummy!

12. On New Year’s Eve, we tried to stay up real late to count down on the clock, but unfortunately fell asleep at 9:45 pm. Playing all day wore me out.

What did you do to bring in the New Year?

Do you know any of the answers to Davo’s favorite Around the World questions?

If you went to Ethan’s house, what of the things we did would be the most interesting for you?

13 thoughts on “12 things to welcome 2012

  1. G’day Davo,
    You seem to be having a fantastic time at Ethan’s place. All those games are certainly keeping your brain and body moving.

    Over Christmas I watched a National Geographic show on TV all about the Tasmanian Devil facial tumour. Apparently it is passed on because the devils fight and bite each other when feeding and also because you don’t have anything in your immune system to fight the disease originally.

    They have found some devils though, on the west coast of Tasmania who do have an immunity for the disease.

    Now if I had spent time with you and Ethan over the New Year, I would have loved playing the board game and Qbits. I actually stayed up to welcome in the New Year here in Australia.

    • G’day Miss W,
      I am having a fabulous time visiting all my new friends. Thanks for letting me travel about. I do miss you and Squirrel however, but glad we can catch up here.
      That’s great news that they’ve learned about what’s going on with us devils. I wonder how some of us on the west coast became immune to it. Don’t worry, I’ve been good, and having been fighting or biting anyone during feedings. You’ve taught me well, Miss W. Thanks!

  2. Dear Davo,

    Happy New Year to you! I am so glad you were among friends on that special night!

    I was over at my friend’s house for New Year’s Eve. My doggie friend, Rhodie, was there and I help him celebrate! How do you like his celebratory hat?


    My favorite activity that you did was the Q-Bitz game. I love patterns and designs. Maybe I’ll get it for my class!

    Happy New Year, Davo!

    Your old friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Happy New Year! So glad you spent your New Year’s Eve with friends! Rhodie looks fabulous. I’m so pleased you put a picture of him on your 365 project blog because his expression for that moment is priceless!

      I think you’d love Q-Bitz since you like working with patterns and geometric shapes. Your students would love Q-Bitz! Everyone in Ethan’s family got to play, they just set a few different rules for some family members. Ethan’s little sister sometimes needed help with a few rows, then she’d do the rest on her own. Ethan’s mom couldn’t keep up with Ethan and his dad, so they let her use both hands to turn the pieces; while Ethan and his dad only used the pattern that was facing up. Then, they would roll the cubes to land on a new side of the pattern to use. They let me help Ethan’s sister or his mom. So, everyone was able to play.

      Your buddy,

  3. Hello Davo,

    It seems you’ve had a great time with Ethan.

    Q-bitz looks like a great game. It requires logic and pattern recognition skills.

    “Around the World: The Ultimate Board Game” also looks interesting. For your favourite questions, I knew a Dutch person who had lived in Indonesia until it gained its independence, have Aboriginal friends (the people in my area are known as Yuin), love visiting NZ and mixing with the Kiwis, and have marvelled at The Great Barrier Reef.

    Having been a gamer for many years, the online gaming experience sounds great. The Wii also is fascinating. With many of the games now available, you have to get up and be involved instead of just sitting in a chair. In the holiday care group help, “Dance 3” is the current favourite. A boy is the top dancer.

    When I was Ethan’s age, I also enjoyed playing with circuits. Having a dad and uncles who were electricians always helped int he hobby that led me into computing when they became available.

    Dinner and dessert? Ethan surely knows how to spoil a guest.

    I hope 2012 brings you even more adventures Davo. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Hi Mr. Mannell,

      Yes, I had much fun with Ethan. Ethan does know how to spoil his family and guests, and was a great host.

      It makes sense that you enjoyed circuits because you’ve done so much with computers and tech in your life that you’d have some background with them.

      I am enjoying 2012 and look forward to traveling and visiting friends.

      Happy 2012!


  4. Hey Davo! I have read 3 of the 39 Clues series, they are pretty good! Didn’t know there was a video game. My family celebrated New Years by counting down till 12:00 then banging pots and pans. I played my Euphonium. Do you know what that is? It is kinda like a mini tuba. I play it in Band at my school.

    Have fun in 2012! Max.

    • Hi Max,

      It sounds like you had so much fun with your family. I’m going to do my best to stay up late next year to welcome 2013, and I love the idea of banging pots and pans.

      I don’t know what a euphonium is, but your description really helps me visualize it. That’s great that you play in the band at school. Keep it up!

      Happy New Year!


  5. Dear Davo,

    It must have been pretty easy doing Q-Bitz since you can do four at a time! I have never played Q-Bitz before. What image did you do? Can you answer any Around the World questions? Did you check out any books? I think I have seen a Australia book there. What did you eat with the Alfredo sauce? I did not stay up till New Years. Because my family was worn out


    • Hi Justin,

      It was easy to do Q-Bitz, but Ethan and his dad must have played before because they were really quick. We did about 15 different boards, so I couldn’t tell you which exact one it was. It really was fun.

      I did know the answers to Around the World because I travel so much and have a lot of blogging buddies who teach me things.

      We ate noodles and shrimp with the alfredo sauce. Do you like alfredo sauce? I bet with some parent supervision you could make this sauce. If your mom or dad are ever out of ideas for dinner, this is a really great recipe!


  6. Dear Mr. Davo,

    I think it was cool that you played Q-bitz and make a delicious recipe. Was it fun? I like reading books. Did you just read the 39 Clues and Among The Hidden? I also like brain bender puzzles but sometimes they are really difficult. I hope you can reply to my questions.


    • Hi Cody,

      I love reading and both of those books were great selections. 39 Clues just captured my attention the whole time and I want to keep reading all of the books in the series now. When I was running around your classroom, I saw them on your teacher’s bookshelf. I’m hoping to read the next few books while I’m visiting your class.

      Your pal,

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