Puzzle Challenge – “Where’s Davo?”

The other weekend when I went to see an ice hockey game with Taylor, I also spent some time at her friend Jackie’s house. Jackie had LOTS of other animals at her house! We played some fun games together.

Here is a picture of me hanging out with all of Jackie’s animal friends. Can you find where I am? (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Can you find me?


So, could you spot me in the crowd? Here is a coordinate grid you can use to say where you think I am:


If you think you’ve found me, write a comment with the coordinates of where I am. Write the letter first, then the number where I am on the grid. Good luck!


What are the coordinates that Mr. Davo is located at?

What are some other interesting animals in the picture? Give their coordinates also.

Going to an Ice Hockey Game

Hello again friends! I’m so excited to tell you about my weekend with Jackie and Taylor from Mr. Salsich’s class. I spent Friday and Saturday with Jackie and had lots of fun getting to know her and her family.

Then on Sunday Jackie and I rode scooters down the street to her friend Taylor’s house.

My new friends, Taylor and Jackie


Taylor and her family took me to see an ice hockey game in Rhode Island! The teams were the Providence Bruins against the Albany Devils (Hey, that’s a cool name!)

At the hockey game with Taylor


Ice hockey is an interesting sport where two teams skate on an ice rink and pass a small “puck” back and forth with their sticks and try to shoot it in the other teams goal. Here is a animated image to show the rink and the positions (but each team also has a goalie):


It was cool how the players could skate backwards and pass the puck without looking!


And here is another animated image to show a “two on one” scoring play:


Hockey is a very exciting game because it is so fast – kind of like me!


After the game and the exciting weekend I was pretty tired-out and ready for some sleep.

All tucked in and ready to snooze

Thanks Taylor and Jackie for a great weekend!


Have you ever been to a hockey game?

Have you played hockey, or gone ice-skating?


More Adventures in Connecticut

Wow! I have had such a great time visiting with Mr. Salsich’s students here in Connecticut.

Over the last two weeks I was the special guest several different students. Here are some pictures from my visits at their homes:

At the dojo with Chris

Chris took me to his Karate lessons. here I am in the dojo!


Balancing on his head

Chris also taught me how to balance on his head. Actually it was pretty easy, because I have excellent balance (if I do say so myself)


I also visited with Anthony, and apparently these students in Connecticut like to have animals balance on their heads:

More balancing...


We also played on his Nintendo DS.

Playing Nintendo DS


Sophia was another fantastic host! She took me to see her sister compete in a swim meet:

At the swim meet with Sophia

And, no, I didn’t fall in!


At Sophia's house

I felt right at home in Sophia’s house.


I also visited Nate, and he took me for a spin on his Go-Kart. It was awesome!

Go-karting with Nate

Nate even let me steer a little bit!


In my next post I’m going to watch a live ice hockey game! Stay tuned!

Do any of you practice karate or other martial arts?

Have you ever been on a go-kart?

Visiting With Carly

Last week I went home with Carly, another one of Mr. Salsich’s students.

Swinging with Carly


She has a gymnastics room with swings and rope ladders in it!

Ladder Swing


That afternoon Carly had piano lessons in Rhode Island, so I went with her.

I love Music!


When we drove back into Connecticut, I got my picture taken by the welcome sign.

Back to Connecticut


Hmm, the other day I drove to the states of New York and New Jersey with Luke, and then I went to the state of Rhode Island with Carly. I’ve been to four states in four days!

I learned that here in the northeast of the U.S.A. the states are smaller and closer together than the states out in the west, like California and Arizona.

States in the Northeast


Back at Carly’s house I met some of her pets.

Here I am with her red-eared slider turtles named Bubbles and Skipper:

Bubbles and Skipper


And here I am meeting her Portuguese water dog named Pepper:

Saying hello to Pepper


Finally, we played some games on her Wii. Here I am playing Mario Brothers:

Mario Brothers on Wii


I had a fantastic time visiting with Carly!

I wonder who I will visit next? And will I drive to another state? Stay tuned to find out!


Have you ever swung on a swing inside?

Do you know why the states in the northeast are smaller and closer together than the states in the west?

Monster Trucks With Luke

Last weekend I went home with Luke, a student in Mr. Salsich’s class. After we unpacked and settled in, Luke and I played some video games on his Playstation.

Playing Video Games


The next day we drove to New Jersey to watch “Monster Jam” – a monster truck show at the Izod Center. It was amazing! If you don’t know what a monster truck show is, it is an event where HUGE trucks race around a track and jump over ramps and cars. They even drive right over old cars!

A monster truck leaping over cars! http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonnyx/2223009181/in/photostream/


There is even a monster truck named Taz! Unfortunately, he wasn’t at Monster jam though 🙁



It was a lot of fun and I got a souvenir from the show.

Souvenir from "Monster Jam"


After the show we got to see the Empire State Building in New York City. We took a picture of it from across the Hudson River.

Empire State Building at Night

Then we drove back to Luke’s house in Connecticut. What an exciting day!


The next day was Superbowl Sunday! The New York Giants played the New England Patriots for the championship of American Football. I enjoyed watching the big game and seeing all the funny commercials. Luke’s family are New York Giants fans, so they were very happy when the Giants won.

Here I am in a Giants’ hat after their big victory:

The Giants won!

The game was exciting, but I think I’d still rather watch rugby – some of the rules in American Football were a little confusing!


I had a fantastic weekend with Luke and his family!


Have you ever been to a monster truck show?

Did you watch the Superbowl? 

Arriving in Connecticut

Last week I arrived in the state of Connecticut to spend some time with Mr. Salsich’s grade 3 class.

Me with Mr. Salsich’s students

Connecticut is in the northeast corner of the United States. It is a long way from my home in Tasmania!

From Tasmania to Connecticut


The first thing Mr. Salsich’s students did was to introduce me to their class mascots – Juan Pablo the red-eyed tree frog and Perezoso the sloth. They are very nice, and helped me to learn my way around the class (although Perezoso kept falling asleep!)

My New Friends


Because I had just been with Mrs. Watanabe and the students at Apache Junction School in sunny Arizona, I was a little worried that I might feel cold here in Connecticut. I was surprised that Mr. Salsich’s students had  a mini Sonoran desert right there in their classroom! That helped make me feel warm and it reminded me of my friends in Arizona:

 A saguaro cactus

Actually, the weather wasn’t as cold as I thought it might be. The students said they have had a mild winter so far with only one snow storm. I kind of hope it will snow will I’m here!


I got to meet all of the students, and spent time with some of them during their reading time. 

Reading a Good-Fit book


They showed me around the school. I especially liked the mural of Clifford the big red dog!

Meeting Clifford


The next two weeks I will be going to visit some of the students to find out what life is like in Connecticut.

I’m very excited! Stay tuned to find out what I learn on my visits.

Davo Observes Mrs. Rabe’s Kindergarten

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of playing in Mrs. Rabe’s Kindergarten class. I climbed on top of her computer monitor to observe the class.

The students shared back to Mrs. Rabe what they thought I saw. Here’s what they shared:

You can hear a few of them share what I saw by clicking play on their Audioboo:

Davo Observes Mrs Rabe (mp3)

They also drew pictures of me and sang a song for me:

They are so observant!

What do you think was the most fun for me in Kindergarten?

What do you think I learned in Kindergarten?