My First Day in Harwich

I went home to Clifton’s house with him and Caleb on the bus. I first played hockey and scored. Then Caleb and I faced off on the Playstation. I ran on the treadmill to burn some calories.  After that I read the Lost Hero and munched on a fudge cookie. I was a superstar playing wiffleball against Caleb and Clifton. I met Bluin the big blue bear, Clifton’s stuffed animal like me. I layed down some funky tunes on the piano. I also met all-star hockey defenseman Zdeno Chara and went to outer space. To end my day I played bongos and pool.

Another Southampton Adventure!

Here’s a report from Claire and her family on the visit by Davo to their home this week.

Hello, there.
I have to say, Davo was a delightful guest. He was treated to a simple afternoon of playing around in the yard and joined us for our first cookout/eat out of the year… in March (!)

We trekked around looking for what’s blooming in the woods and found some rogue crocus and some johnny jump ups.

We let Davo get a closer look at a woodpecker hole

and he worried the hens a bit when we went to collect eggs.

He’s a big fan of the tire swing (Claire held him tight), but we think he likes swings in general.  We found him waiting for a push. 🙂

We wish him well in his journeys. We look forward to following his exploits online and hope he continues to have fun!

~Bob, Amy and Claire

I’ve Landed in Western Massachusetts!

I had a wonderful time in Ohio and now I’m making a couple of stops in Massachusetts.  That’s in the northeastern part of the United States.  The children in Mrs. Poulin’s Kindergarten class were excited to find me in their mailbox on Monday morning.  I’ll be moving on again at the end of this week.

I know Mrs. Poulin was sorry I never made it to the largest St. Patricks Day Parade with her, but what she didn’t know was I was right there on the other side of the street!  I’d decided to stop by on my own since the mailman couldn’t get me to the school in time.  Here’s a picture that Mrs. Poulin took of Mr. Poulin and their daughter Heather.  The parade was just grand!

   I  am spending the night with one of my new friends Grant,  so I’ll have lots more to talk about in my next post.  I am happy to meet so many new friends and everyone treats me very nicely.  Here is a picture of me with my new friend Grant.   He made me a new collar of colorful beads.Boy is it warm here. Today the temperature was well over 80F and that is record heat for March in this area! The new school garden will be ready for planting in no time but for now we are planting seeds of friendship!


Another Ohio Home Visit

Hello.  This is me and my new friend Libby.  I spent the night at her house last night.




Libby and Mr. Davo enjoying some sunshine.


While Libby did her homework, I hung out in her room and I found a sleeping cat! I wanted to meet the cat so badly; so I decided to wake her up!  Once she was more awake, we talked about ourselves. I discovered her name is Naavah (pronounced: Nah-vah) and that she once lived outside and was starving. Then Libby’s family found her and asked her to live with them. I also discovered we are both carnivores.


Naavah is finally waking up

 I got up early this morning and made myself a cup of coffee and sat by the fire. I bet you didn’t think Tasmanian Devils drink coffee!? Anyway, I read about Spirit Bears in a nature magazine Libby lent to me. Did you know that the Spirit Bear lives in a Canadian rain forest on the West Coast? They are white because where they live was once covered in ice and their white fur once helped them to blend in. They are a rare bear. Hahaha, that rhymes!

Reading about a rare bear

Fun in Ohio

I went home with Joren my second night in Ohio.  When we first left school, we had to walk out to the bus in the rain.  It wasn’t too bad though, because Joren kept me dry under this big red and white umbrella.  Usually Ohio has snow in the winter, but this winter, its been almost all rain.   After dinner, Joren and I went to play tennis with his mom, dad and brother.