Mr. Davo Devil meets Monty Moose in B.C.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having a SUPER time here in Coquitlam, BC, Canada!  I snuck out to do a little sight seeing with my new pal, Monty Moose!  Actually, Mrs. Nielsen was kind enough to share me for a bit with Mrs. Boekhout and her Grade 2 class.   Monty Moose, Woody Beaver, and Timber Wolf have ALL been to Australia!  As a matter of fact, Haida Bear is on an extended exchange trip with Wilbur Wombat right now!

It seems that Australia is where Mrs. B’s “Travelling Stuffies” first started their adventures… Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia!  Mrs. B. even named her stuffie website, “The CanOz Connection“!  Of course Monty is such a seasoned traveller now, that he has his own website too! He even has a FACEBOOK account with tons of other traveling moose stuffies!  I told him that he should think about doing a blog like mine!  He says he is SO behind in his photos that Mrs. B. wouldn’t DARE start something new!  (I’m waiting to see his photo with a BLUE warrior in SCOTLAND!)

Anyway, I’ve had a super time learning about the Pacific Northwest Coast  Temperate Rainforest area. (Yes… it sure does rain a lot, but it doesn’t get too hot or too cold.)   I even helped out with a “Tracking Trash” activity where the kids wrote down all the garbage they picked up around the school for Earth Week.  I felt good about “giving back” to the Earth!  These Canadian kids are really nice and they try hard to help out “Mother Nature”.   It was fun in the classroom because they have lots of pets and plants and STUFFIES!!!

Hope you enjoy the little slideshow we put together of my visit!
I am having a GREAT time, but I miss my home too!
Mr. DavoDevil visits Canada on PhotoPeach