Davo at St Peters Bray

What a great morning at St Peters Bray!

First was the long drive around the outskirts of Dublin on the M50 then branching off to Bray. Google maps gave Miss W excellent directions on how to find the school.

We met Martina Sexton @ceanntina who was looking after the remnants of the year 2, 5 and 6 who were not at the sports day.

What a great bunch of students. They listened to all the information Miss W gave about Australia and Tasmania in particular. They asked interesting questions about the animals.

Then we headed to the library where the children logged onto the computers to show us their favourite blog post on their school blog. Many liked the post about their principal who has recently had twins.

Some visited my blog to check out what we did on previous travels and Johnny left a comment.

Then Miss W learned how to make a podcast using the soundcloud app on the ipad and how to make a 6 second video using vine.

A lovely morning tea with the staff and we were then on our way to Greystones for the afternoon.

Here are a couple of images from the morning in Bray.

Davo loves being patted by students!


Davo loved reading to the students and Martina!

Activity for students:
Leave a comment telling an interesting fact you learnt about Australia or ask a question you still have about Australia.

15 thoughts on “Davo at St Peters Bray

    • Hi Aaron,
      Your money is similar to our Aussie notes and coins except they aren’t plastic. I just looked at the coins I have and noticed yours all get smaller as they get smaller in value. I also like that they all have the map of Europe on one side of them.

    • G’day Alan,
      I reckon the biggest animals in Australia are the red kangaroos and the cassowary birds which are like an emu but larger. Our most dangerous animals though are often found in the sea like a blue ringed octopus or conch shell or they are spiders like a redback or Sydney funnelweb. Of course many snakes are also poisonous.

    • G’day Aaron,
      We have a couple of big wildlife parks. One is called Australia Zoo in Queensland and is run by the Irwin family – you might have heard of Steve Irwin, who was a wildlife protector and good at catching crocodiles. Here is a link to their web page http://www.australiazoo.com.au/

      In Tasmania where I live we have Bonorong Park which is mainly native Australian animals. Here is a link to them http://bonorong.com.au/

    • G’day Johnny,
      I love going to zoos whenever I visit a big city. Is there a particular animal you think I should see if I go to Dublin Zoo?

    • G’day Luke,
      I just checked and it looks like Mountjoy is a prison that is still being used – I don’t think I will go visit there. As I road on the DART to Bray this afternoon I saw the beautiful beaches along the coast and also the golf courses which the railway comes through.

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