Around Sligo

Because we went back into Northern Ireland when we were leaving Donegal area, it meant that we missed the Slieve League. So one day in Sligo was heading back to the cliffs at Sliabh Liag. A long drive but certainly worth it.

The cliffs of Sliabh Liag

Arrived to a closed gate but saw a taxi go through, so decided to follow. Nearly two kilometres later we were at a little turning circle with coaches and cars. It is actually a tall mountain just over 600 metres, but the cliffs go straight down into the Atlantic Ocean. We saw lots of sheep just wandering around here, so of course lots of photos by Miss W.

Back through Ardara then over the hills towards Ballybofey in Donegal and through mountains at Barnesmore Gap. There are tales of ghosts being seen at night through the gap. Back in the days of Miss W. great great grandmother (mid 1800’s) there are stories of robberies in this part of Donegal.

Back towards Sligo we saw a road heading to Glencar Waterfall. This was the first waterfall we had seen on our travels so off we went. This is mentioned in WB Yeats poem The Stolen Child apparently.

Another day was spent heading south towards Galway. We knew we were going to miss this part of the country once we headed to Cork. Down the N17 to Claremorris and off to Cong between the two loughs Mask and Corrib. Got in a traffic jam in Cong, so many tourists visiting the castle there or heading off to fish, horse ride or golf.

Looking down Killary Harbour

On through the lake country of Ireland to N59 heading towards Clifden but we diverted instead through the R344 near the Connemara National Park. Next stop was above Killary Harbour for a fantastic view down the fjord. A bit further along was Leenaun where they were advertising seaweed baths.

One more day near Sligo so we went to the beach first at Strandhill – clamber over lots of boulders or stones to get to the beach – didn’t stay long. Then north to Mullaghmore – beautiful sandy beach and lots of kids learning to sail as part of their last weeks in school field trips.

Representing Yeats’ poetry

We also stopped off at WB Yeats grave at Drumcliffe then saw a monument for Constance Markievicz who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising and was jailed in solitary confinement in Kilmainham Jail.

So our next stop will be Cork – see you then.

Student activity

Would you ever try a seaweed bath? Why or why not?



5 thoughts on “Around Sligo

  1. Loving all the links Davo.

    I’m finding out more about my country from you. I always thought that Killary was Ireland’s only fjord, but when I checked on Google, I see that Ireland Carlingford Lough and Lough Swilly qualify also.

    • Thanks for following my blog, Merry. Occasionally I get behind but Miss W. gives me time at night when she is asleep to catch up on the posts. I am also trying to get her to practise her Irish a bit more. She has noticed when travelling in the west of the country, some signposts are only in Irish, so she has to recognize the name if possible.

  2. Sounds lovely. Beautiful pictures! Davo, you look very comfy, like you could stay there for a while longer.

    What has the weather been like there? Is it the same all over?

    The seaweed bath sounds different and interesting. Wonder what it smells like? Hmm…? If it smells like seaweed like how I remember it smelling like, then that might be hard to do. 🙂

    Looking forward to your next post!

    • G’day Ms Mara,
      Thanks for checking out my blog. We have been having fantastic weather. In Donegal it was just like we have in Tasmania – four seasons in one day. Down in Cork, where we are now, we have been having a heat wave with temps in the mid 20’s C.

      If you want to look at all Miss W’s photos of our trip here is the link.

      She hasn’t gone back and put in the tags yet but will do so probably once we are in Atlanta at the conference.

      She wanted me to tell you, do you know about the homeschooling online conference coming up soon? Here is a link to the ning you can join and find out about it.

  3. The weather sounds nice. It was 86F here today, but felt like 95F. Hot and humid. It has been raining almost every day, and it will get even hotter than that later on in the summer 😯 .

    Thank you for the link to Miss W.’s photos. They are awesome!

    Also, tell Miss W. thank you for the link to the homeschool conference, and that I appreciate her thinking about me. 🙂

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