G’day seniors

Hi Junita and her seniors class,

I hear you are learning about blogging today. So I thought I might tell you about how I got into blogging.

San Francisco skylineMy name is Mr Davo Devil. I have been blogging since 2011 when I started to travel overseas with my friend Miss Wyatt. I decided I needed to keep a record of all the interesting places we visited. We have driven around America and Canada for 3 months visiting lots of classes who also were blogging. At the end of that first trip, I was a bit naughty and hid in one of the classrooms. By the time Miss Wyatt got back home to Tasmania, she thought I was truly lost and sent out a call for the classes to look for me. Thankfully I was found in Mrs Yollis’ classroom. I then spent a year travelling around America on my own, going from class to class and staying overnight with students at their homes. I had a great time.

Davo GreystonesThen last year Miss Wyatt and I spent time in Ireland where Miss W was researching her family history. We also visited other classes especially Merry Beau’s school in County Wicklow. Because Miss W was trying to find out about her great great grandmother who was a convict in Tasmania in the 1840’s we visited a lot of archives and gaols while touring. She did find out a lot of information while we were there and has written about it on her family history blog. If you click here, the link will take you to her blog about family history.

A few years ago Miss W and I decided we were going to try and take one photo each day and put that on a blog. We thought this would be very easy to do but we haven’t yet made it through one entire year with a photo for each day. Here is the link to that blog.

So thanks for reading my introduction. I wonder if you have any questions. If you do then feel free to ask Junita or leave a comment on this post.

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I have a question for each of you:
If you were going to have your own blog, what would you write about on it and why?

West coast trip 2015

Whenever Miss W and I go on a trip, as long as we visit a new town or do a new interesting activity, then the trip is worthwhile. This weekend was all about going on the ABT railway at Strahan and then staying at Cradle Mountain Lodge where Miss W hasn’t been for many years.

Best way to show what we saw is to look at the photos. Miss W also met one of her Smith cousins in Tullah where she got the photo of whales teeth and a captains work box belonging to their relative Captain William Smith.




These were some of the plants and animals seen that weekend on the west coast and at Cradle Mountain area.

Fraser coast and whale watching

After leaving Canberra, we headed north to Fraser Island and Hervey Bay.

A 4WD bus tour on Fraser Island which is the largest sand island in the world. Certainly changed since the last time I had visited. Fantastic when travelling along the beach on the eastern side of the island, but oh the bumps and bruises when on the sandy roads inland.


But the most important part of this trip with the Wilson’s coach tours from Oatlands Tasmania was going to Hervey Bay and whalewatching.

Would we see some whales?

Would we see them blowing?

  • Breaching?
  • Tail slapping?
  • Spy hopping?

Here are some of the photos Miss W took with her iPad. Aren’t they fantastic! Can you work out what the whale is doing? Check the link above to give you some clues. Did you work out what type of whale we saw?


On the road yet again

Road to Awe

Creative Commons License Klardrommar via Compfight

Miss W woke me up from a nice warm sleep this afternoon to tell me we are off on the road again tomorrow. She has packed our bags ready to get on the bus to head to Oatlands for lunch, Devonport for tea and then a night on the boat across Bass Strait.

Then I checked my blog and realised I am WAY behind reporting on my Aussie travels. So I will do a quick report about Hervey Bay and whale watching and Fraser Island. Then another of our trip around the west coast of Tasmania.

Then on the 10th July we have to have a post written so a group of seniors who are working with Junita can see what a great blog I have.

Well bye for this short post, time to get the other two written.