Davo Observes Mrs. Rabe’s Kindergarten

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of playing in Mrs. Rabe’s Kindergarten class. I climbed on top of her computer monitor to observe the class.

The students shared back to Mrs. Rabe what they thought I saw. Here’s what they shared:

You can hear a few of them share what I saw by clicking play on their Audioboo:

Davo Observes Mrs Rabe (mp3)

They also drew pictures of me and sang a song for me:

They are so observant!

What do you think was the most fun for me in Kindergarten?

What do you think I learned in Kindergarten?

Visiting Clarissa

I jumped into Mrs. Watanabe’s purse when she was traveling from school to school, and jumped out and hid in a backpack.

I was a little worried that I was going to be in trouble because I didn’t let anyone know where I was going. Luckily, I ended up at Clarissa‘s house, and she emailed Mrs. Watanabe to let her know I’m okay.

It’s exciting to spend the weekend with Clarissa!

The first thing we did was make s’mores in a pizza box solar oven, and Clarissa’s was really melted. I almost ate hers.

Attribution Some rights reserved by EBKauai

The next day I almost ate her cinnamon roll, and drank her milk. The cinnamon roll was delicious.

When I went to her neighbor’s house for a birthday party, we went in the bouncy house and I fell on my head! Ouch!

I had fun at Clarissa’s house, but now it’s time for me to get back to Mrs. Watanabe so she can help me go to Connecticut.

What would you have liked at Clarissa’s house?

Do you have any ideas of who I’ll be visiting next?

Davo and Justin Enjoy a Visit!

I had such a great day today. I got to go home with Justin today after school. His mom picked us up in their new van. You are not going to believe this, but she let me drive home! She kept telling me I was driving too fast.  So she made me sit in the passenger’s seat. So unfair.
When we got home, Justin gave me some Cheetos. Don’t tell him but I would have much rather have had kangaroo. Yum! Then we watched some sports on TV and it made us want to do our own sports.
Chee, Chee, Cheesy!
Why don't they talk about my Aussie teams?
We called our friend over and played football at a nearby grassy area.  Football is something different here than in Australia.  Then we climbed trees.  Justin had to help me get up since we Tassies aren’t meant to be climbing trees.
I hope I don't get tackled.


Whoa, this is high!
We were tired so we decided to go to another friend’s house. I tried to hunt the dog because he reminded me of our kangaroos back home. Their mom told me, “NO EATING THE DOG!”. So we played, Learn for Good, on the the computer and went on his PSP.  The phone rang and Justin’s mom said we had to come home.
We played Yahtzee on the I-Pad and went against an Australian mate of mine, but I lost against her.  Then we played on Justin’s mini R/C car.  It wasn’t very mini to me!   Then we played some board games.  We played Monopoly, Life on his I-pod, and Chutes and Ladders.
Then his mom said, ‘‘It is time to go to bed.’’  So we brushed our teeth and went to bed.
The next morning we woke up and got ready.   Then his grandma came over and we went to McDonalds.  Justin had pancakes and I got hash browns.  They tasted pretty good, but it was kind of rude of Justin that he tried to steal a bite!
When we were done we went to school and we said our farewells.

I had fun on the iPad.  What do you like to do on the iPad?

We played a lot of computer games, sports games, and board games when I was with Justin.  

What is your favorite games to play?

Davo Meets Jessica!!

Hello! My name is Davo and I just got back from visiting a sweet, blond girl named Jessica.

The first activity we did was play soccer. We kicked the ball around with each other, it was a lot of fun!

Then we went in Jessica’s house and rolled a little blue ball…

… and we played a game called Headbanz. In the game you put a headband on your head and you put a little card that is a picture of something in the headband, and it is your job to figure out what you are. You have a card that use to ask questions and get clues so you can guess what you are. You could be a parrot, lion, spoon, and all sorts of different things.

Finally, I got to go to gymnastics with Jessica. I saw her tumbler there. She is such a good gymnast!

I will miss my friend from Arizona!

What do you think sounds the most fun about visiting Jessica?

Davo’s Night with Brandon

Hello! My name is Davo. I got to spend the night at Brandon’s, and the first place we went is the dentist. It was fun to take pictures of Brandon and me. Brandon took a picture of me in the dentist’s chair!


When I got to Brandon’s house I got to have a drink of bug juice, and a snack. Yummy! It was so good.


Next, I got to watch T.V. and go to Brandon’s room. It was a little messy, but I loved his baby monkey. I gave him a piggy back ride.

We had so much fun. I can’t wait until tomorrow when I get to visit Jessica’s house!

What do you think was the most fun for me at Brandon’s house?

Davo Spends Time with Claire

Today, I visited Claire’s house to spend the weekend with her.

The first thing we did was go around the neighborhood on Claire’s bike.  Weeee!

The next thing I did was drive Claire’s mom’s Cabrio.   I noticed that the steering wheel was on the left side of the car and not the right side of the car like the cars in Tasmania.






When it was time to go to Wal-Mart I hopped in the car with Claire and her sister, Parker.  We got to Wal-Mart and went inside to purchase groceries.  I got to help with the grocery shopping.  The store wasn’t like the stores in Tasmania.

Before we went to bed we colored some pictures.  I said that our picture was a masterpiece and it turns out that the picture was better than a masterpiece.  We also drew pictures for her mom and dad.  Her dad’s picture was going to be fairy wings, but instead it was a moon.  Her mom’s picture was of a rainbow.  It wasn’t really a rainbow though.  It looked more like just a bunch of colorful lines.

We went to Claire’s friend’s house and I saw the  cutest baby.  I also saw some of the cutest puppies there.  The babies looked a lot different that tassie babies.  Personally, I think Tassie babies are much cuter.  Claire’s family had to go to a baptism for their friend’s baby.  While they went into the church I had to stay in the car.  I’m glad that the baptism didn’t take very long because I was getting really lonely. 


We went to Olive Garden for lunch and ordered some delicious Italian food.  The food was very different than what I eat in Tasmania.  Claire shared some cheese ravioli with me.  It was very yummy.

Later that night I got to eat a giant Snickers bar with Claire’s family.  It was very different and it wasn’t like the meat I usually eat.  Believe it or not it was as long as me.

 The last day I was with Claire.  I had to stay home because her family was going to a rock and minerals show and she didn’t want to drop me on the dirt and get me dirty.  When they were there they got some really cool minerals, like geodes.  

I had a lot of fun with Claire, and I hope I can be with her again soon.

Do you know what a geode is?

I liked the Snickers.  What is your favorite candy bar?

Mr. Davo visits Cheyenne

Here, I am with Cheyenne.

I got to go to her house on a Thursday night.  I got to meet her dad, mother, and brother.  When she put her stuff down, we did some homework.  Then we ate a chocolate chip cookie.  Cheyenne gave me a sip of water.

I would have preferred some thing else like a nice Cactus Wren or Greater Roadrunner

Then we went outside and looked at the Superstition Mountains.  I saw a deer with  arrows  in it in her backyard.  Cheyenne said that her dad uses it to practice his hunting.  I was happy that was not me.

Then we went inside.  We played in her play house she got for Christmas.  It was fun.  After we played for a while, we ate dinner.  It was chicken–my kind of meal!

I met her dogs-they were huge!!!  One was a mixed breed and one was a German Shepherd.   I hope he isn’t hungry!

It was time for bed.  I really didn’t want to go to bed because I am a nocturnal tassie.  That means I would prefer to wander around her house at night…which is what I did.  While she was snoring, I was wandering.  Cheyenne is a super girl.  I had fun at her house!

Did you learn anything new about Cheyenne or me?

Spending Time with Mrs. Watanabe

Earlier this week, I spent the day with Mrs. Watanabe.

We spent the morning on the patio playing backgammon and sipping lattes. Mrs. Watanabe has a thing for lattes, and claims to make a fantastic latte. I didn’t like it much, but wanted to use the good manners that Miss W taught me, so I thanked her for her hospitality.

I did enjoy learning how to work the coffee machine. My favorite part was frothing the milk. I’m still getting used to the thermometer in the USA being in Fahrenheit degrees, so when Mrs. Watanabe asked that I stop steaming the milk at 160 degrees, it took me a moment to realize that was really about 70 degrees Celsius.

We went out to lunch at Joe’s Farm Grill. The food was fabulous, and everyone in the family enjoyed their meal. I loved running around the farm and was surprised that I couldn’t play in the tree because there are scorpions that live in the bark.

What I found most interesting was the decor in the restrooms. They had dolls in the wall, and a movie playing. I wanted to watch a little TV, but Mrs. Watanabe reminded me that others needed to use the restroom also.

Do you have a favorite restaurant? What makes it your favorite?

What do you know about scorpions, and do you have any interesting stories about them?

What do you think was unique about my time with Mrs. Watanabe?