Davo Goes to the Dentist! Fun with Parsa!



Today, I went to Parsa’s house, and I had a blast! These are some pictures of the start of the day and the end.

I wanted to go to Parsa’s house, but he said to get there we needed to ride in his mother’s car. So I said fine.

When I was at Parsa’s house I was very hungry, so I asked him for a healthy smack. Parsa said, “No, it’s snack!”

Parsa asked if I could help him decorate his Christmas tree.

Then I was frightened because Parsa told me I had to go to the dentist! NOOO! But in the end, it wasn’t that bad. The dentist told me I had very good teeth for a marsupial, but that I should be brushing more regularly. I didn’t tell her that I don’t even own a toothbrush!

At the dentist’s office, I met a gingerbread, I chatted with him, and when I smelled him he smelled delicious, so I took a bite.

When I came back from the dentist Parsa had three pages of homework, so I helped him out. He is studying division, so I made some fact families for him. For example, 3, 7, and 21 are a family. You know,





He already knew all that though. What a smart guy!

After homework, I decided to play some games.

When I saw a huge thing I gasped. It was as big as a

T-REX! After Parsa told me what it was I demanded to go on it.

After a long, fun day,  Parsa told me to go to bed. He said that he had school tomorrow and had to get some sleep. But I wanted to play Hid-and-seek!

Have you ever been to the dentist?

What did you enjoy about my visit to Parsa’s house?





Spending Time with Alyssa!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening with my friend Alyssa.

We had such a fun time.  After school Alyssa had tennis lessons at the Swim and Tennis club, but this week’s class was cancelled because of the rain. So we decided to work out and went over to the cardio workout room and jumped on the treadmill.  Despite having short legs, I had a great work out, I never knew how hard it was to run on a treadmill.

After that we headed over to lift weights and do some tummy exercises.  As you can see from the pictures we used the Swiss ball to do sit-ups and crunches.

Once we had completed our lifting exercises, Alyssa wanted to go for a swim so we walked over to the pool for a short swim.  Did you know that I could swim?

After the swim we were both hungry so we drove over to the grocery store to pick up the food items we needed to make fajitas.  At the store we bought onions, yellow and red bell pepper, jalapenos and flour tortillas and drove to her house.

Once we were there, we started preparing the items for the fajitas.  I helped cut the peppers and onions while Alyssa grated the cheese and helped make the rice and beans. The dinner turned out great! It was the first time I had fajitas, and I look forward to them again.

After we helped clean up the dishes, we went to the mall to do a little shopping for Alyssa’s mommy and also picked up a surprise gift for someone very special.

Once the shopping was done we went home to take a shower and then headed to bed. It was a very fun day, but now it is time for this Tasmanian Devil to get some sleep.

Have you ever made fajitas?

What kind of exercise do you do?

Spending Time with Mrs. Yollis!

Tonight, I’m heading home with Mrs. Yollis! When we were driving out of the parking lot, Mrs. Yollis let me drive!


When we got to her house, she introduced me to her good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Snowflake. They were telling me how they’d been living in the attic for the last eleven months.

I also met her other friend, Sweet Pea Santa. We played a game of cards to pass the time.

Next Mrs. Yollis said she had some paperwork to do. I offered to grade a few of the math tests for her. Wow, her students are impressive! They circle important information, draw pictures to help them understand story problems, and always label their answers! Terrific work, kids!

Finally, it was time to meet Harvey. The minute he saw me he gave me a dirty look and moved away from me. I wonder what he was thinking?

The next day, Mrs. Yollis came to school early to get some work done. I spent some time learning some Italian.

I also explored some toys that I found. Mrs. Yollis said that these were toys to be donate to children who are not as fortunate as her students. Luckily, I jumped out of the bag before I got donated!

Several Los Angeles police officers were on hand to pick up the toys for donation. They were super guys!

Just before school started, I check the rain gauge from the last 24 hours. It looks like it was 7 tenths of an inch!

What did you enjoy about my time with Mrs. Yollis?

Why do you think Harvey didn’t like me?



(That Italian for farewell!)

Davo Visits Maya’s House!

I am having a great time at Maya’s house.

First, she made me a cool oasis and it reminded me of my home in Oceania.

Then I met her stuffed ferret named Mr. Ferret. We had a snack. I had apples and grapes.

Then we watched a movie in Maya’s movie theater. I actually got to meet Indiana Jones. I was so excited! He’s the first movie star that I have met.

After the movie, Maya’s dog Jasper scared me and I hid in the Christmas tree so he couldn’t find me.

After dinner, I helped Maya with her math and spelling homework. Boy is she smart!

Now we are getting ready for bed. Maya said she is going to brush my teeth for me. Maya is so nice. I would like to come and see her again.

 Have you met a ferret?

What did you like about my visit to Maya’s house?



Davo Visits Kelly’s House for the Weekend!

I am going home with Kelly today!  Yeah!
We got to ride home in her mom’s car. I looked outside the car window and it
was a beautiful, sunny day!

When we arrived at the house, I was so hungry!  Kelly gave me a delicious, healthy snack!
I gobbled it up in one minute!

As I looked around, I spied a beautiful Christmas tree with chocolate stars hanging from its branches. Chocolate! I love chocolate. Kelly’s mom screamed “NO, DAVO. NO! ” but I ate one anyway. Kelly’s mom did not seem to mind too much, since there were two stars left!

After devouring my scrumptious snack, I found Kelly’s  social studies book and helped her studying. They are learning about landform regions in the United States!

I drove through all of these regions on my trip!

Next, I was on my way to explore the house, I saw a big animal laying on an even bigger mattress. I knew what that was!  I saw one at Logan’s house! It was a dog. I chatted with him for a little while. He seems to be a friendly fellow.

Later on, it was piano practice time. I remembered this thing from Leila’s house!
I think I played like like an angel!

At night it was family game time. Kelly, her mom, dad and I played Battleship.
For this game, you have to sink your opponents ships by guessing where they are.
I had a FABULOUS time!

Next day I came to Kelly’s soccer game and scored four goals! Victory!

Our last adventure was Kelly’s ballet exam/recital and I brought her good luck!
You have to have excellent posture for ballet. It was beautiful but exhausting. Ballet is hard work!

It is late, but I can stay up. I really can. I am not tired at all!


Have you ever played Battleship?

Do you have a domesticated animal living with you?



Which activity did you like the best?



Davo Visits Logan’s House!

What a fabulous time I had at Logan’s house.
The fun began on the ride to her house.  I was told by Logan that I must wear a seat belt at all times when I am traveling by car. That is the law!
 I did notice that Californians drive on the right hand side of the road.  In Australia, we drive on the left hand side.
 I was introduced to a domesticated animal called a dog. Domesticated means that an animal is tame and is a pet.   I am not a domesticated animal, and cannot figure out why any animal would want to be domesticated.  I am a wild animal.  But, the dog was quite friendly and well behaved, although he had awful smelling breath.
(I think I may have scared him.)
 Logan’s big brother showed me a musical instrument called a guitar.  This instrument was very difficult for a marsupial like me to play, because I don’t have fingers.
 I helped Logan post a comment on Our World, Our Stories.  She let me type.
I enjoyed a breakfast burrito before heading back to school.  Yummmm!

Do you play a guitar or any other instrument? 

What side of the road do you drive on? 

Davo Visits Alexandra’s House!

I had a fun filled day with Alexandra!

As soon as I got to the house, I had a great time playing in the Christmas tree and playing with the ornaments.

I even got stuck in one of our Christmas stockings.

Next, Alexandra introduced me to her  two cats, Jasper and Cali, and her  dog, Daisy.  I didn’t really liked Daisy because she kept on trying to bite me, but Alexandra didn’t let that happen.   After playing all afternoon, I fell asleep on Alexandra’s favorite blanket.   Unfortunately, I snored for a while and probably bothered the cats.

When I woke up, I just wanted to play again.  I met Alexandra’s stuffed kangaroo, Kanga, (also from Australia) and the two of us spent spent a lot of time talking about Australia.  We informed Alexandra that  Australia is refered to  as the Land from Down Under.

  After a fun filled day, I finally went to bed and slept the night away. Then it was back to Mrs. Yollis’ classroom. I think I’ll be spending the weekend with Kelly and her dog, Deisel.


What did you think of my day with Alexandra?

Do you know how she and her dad made the speech bubbles?


Davo Visits Royce’s House!


I  had a wonderful time visiting with my new friend, Leila. We built a gingerbread house, learned karate, did some math homework, and even learned to play the piano! When I got back the next day to Mrs. Yollis’ class, Royce offered to let me spend a night at his house! These Californians are mighty friendly!


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Royce’s.  The first thing we did was jump on the computer and  post a comment on the Edublog. Royce helped me spell “astonishing.” He taught me that if you have a misspelled word, just hold down the CONTROL key, click on the misspelled word, and it will offer you some spelling options!

We also took a moment to vote in the Edublog Awards. First we voted for Traveling With Mr. Davo Devil for Best New Blog.

Then we cast a vote for Mrs. Yollis’ 3rd Grade Blog for Best Class Blog! There were lots of great class blogs to choose from, but Royce recommended Mrs. Yollis’ 3rd Grade Blog.


After all that blogging, I was  hungry! Royce offered me some  crackers and I relaxed while reading the L.A. TImes.

After the snack, Royce took me to a  big outdoor rectangle, and we learned how to play a game called tennis.  I even hit the ball! Not bad for a marsupial!

I was fascinated by a telescope that I spied in Royce’s house. He let me look through it and we saw the planet Saturn and many stars!

In the morning, I felt like I needed a little  exercise so Royce let me borrow his Razor scooter. It was hard to balance, but I got it!

Thanks for a great visit, Royce! I heard that Alexandra is taking me in tomorrow night. I wonder what she has in store for me?


Have you ever looked through a telescope? What did you see?

Which activity would you have liked to do if you were with us at Royce’s house?