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If you live in another country of the world, then here is your chance to ask questions about Australia. Hopefully students from that country will be able to answer your questions.

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    • depends where you live in Australia some places in Australia is warm and others are cold up near darwin is mostly always warm and others cold but it goes where its warm and cold in every place down at tasmania wich is just under Australia but it belongs to Australia it gets cold and warm it can be any kind of weather at anytime of the year in Tasmania at the moment it is very cold. in hobart it is 15 degrees i live about half an hour away from hobart and its cold around here hope i have gave you enough information on what is weather

  1. Hi! This is my first question.Is it hot in Australia?
    Heres my second qustion.How many towns and cities are there in australia?

  2. Heres afew questions:
    How cold and warm is it in Australia?
    Do you have to where a winter coat there?
    Is there a lot of shops and stores?
    Why have they became endangered?
    Do they bite?

    I’m very interested in them!

    • It depends what season we are in up in darwin it’s always hot but in tassie it can be any weather at any time.Do we have to wear a winter coat you ask well sometimes we do we normally wear one when we go to the mountain.Yes we do have alot of shops.

    • Well if you are in Tasmania Tassie devils are hard to find because tassie devils mostly live in the forest and most of the tassie devils have a face tumor and it is killing the tassie devils. In zoos there are only a few. In different Zoos in Australia, you can see a lot of the Tassie devils.

    • The tassie devil is usually a quite aggressive animals and make a very unusual sound to try to scare you away.
      but they dont attack humans because they are scavengers which means they eat already dead animals.

  3. Hi!

    I was just wondering is there how many snakes are in Australia. I know in Papu New Guinea there are Green tree pythons but are there any other ones?

    Talk to you later!

    • my favourite site in Australia would be St Helens
      because it is a great place to visit you can see dolphins and seals there they have a shop where you can go and make shelves and pen holders and stuff

  4. I think that Mr.Davo looks very friendly and kind.

    What is the most fames waterfall there?
    And,what is your favorite site in the U.S.A?


    • G’day Cerenity,
      Mr Davo is friendly but the real version of him can be very nasty. There are lots of famous waterfalls in Australia but personally I like Russell Falls in Tasmania cause that is near where Mr Davo came from.
      I have lots of favourite sites in the USA but I really loved Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota.

  5. Dear Mrs. W,
    It’s exciting to know you went to Cape Cod. This reminds me that I have relatives in Massachusetts that I have visited before. We went on the Mayflower 2, visited the beach where the pilgrims first landed, and played a lot of mini golf.

    What is the name of that mountain in the outback?
    Where on Australia is Sidney?


    • G’day Julian,
      Thanks for leaving a question so soon after I visited your class. That mountain in the outback is called Ayres Rock or its aboriginal name is Uluru. Sydney is on the east coast of Australia and is the capital city of the state of New South Wales. You will need to check it up on a map.

  6. Dear Mrs. W,

    Have you came rally interested in the Tasmanian devils?

    I am Lilly I am in Mrs. Frahers class you just came to my classroom. I go to school at Peralta Trail Elementary School.

    • Lilly,
      I became really interested in Tasmanian Devils because at school we take part in a fundraiser called “Black and White Day”. All the money goes to research about the disease the devils have.

    • It can be cold and warm in different part of Australia. In Darwin it can be really warm and then the weather will turn and it will be cold. In Tasmania it can be warm some days and mostly cold for the rest

    • G’day Mrs Levy,
      Yes , we celebrate Christmas in Australia as well as Boxing Day which is a British tradition brought over by the convicts to Australia back in the 1800’s. But our Christmas is probably very different to many in USA as it is in the middle of our summer. Instead of cold weather and snow, we will often have barbecues and picnics at the beach for our Christmas meal.

  7. hey
    i love australia i love to go to the beach in the summer the water is fantastic sometimes the water looks like its sparkaling and makes a fantastic photo

  8. Dear Davo,

    Thank you for visiting California!:-]

    I have two questions for Miss W.:

    •How has your life been with traveling?

    •Have you ever heard or seen a Tasmanian Devil?



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