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If you live in another country of the world, then here is your chance to ask questions about the United States of America. Hopefully students from that country will be able to answer your questions.

Leave a comment as a question. If you have your own blog, make sure your name is linked to your own blog URL or write the URL as part of your comment.

34 thoughts on “About USA

  1. Hello Tasteach,
    I am so sorry I missed you in Ohio. I really hope you had a wonderful visit to the United States and Canada. I opened my email too late.

  2. Hi Taylor,

    I think the best place to visit here is Hawaii.There beaches are so amazing!T hey have great food and amazing water parks!

  3. Dear Miss W,

    Hi, this is Dylan in Mrs. Ranney’s class. How many Tasmanian Devils got killed this year.

    Best regards,


    from Mrs. Ranney’s classroom

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