My avatar

We have had three teachers send in possible avatars. I am going to include them here along with the photo taken by “Bob” (the dad of Miss W). Maybe you could use the photo to help you design an avatar. Remember to email as an attachment to Miss W – see widget on sidebar.

Some students saw the photo below and have tried their hand at creating an avatar using either a paint program or an image editing program.  Well done,   ZaneCooperJessicaJosh and Zena! Even Miss W’s brother got into the action of creating an avatar.

Ideas for avatar??
Ideas for avatar??

Let me introduce myself

Sarcophilus harrisiiG’day mates. My name is Mr ‘Davo’ Devil.

You can call me either Mr Devil or Davo.

By the way, congratulations to Matthew and Jack for suggesting my names.

I am a pretty lucky Tasmanian Devil ’cause I am going to be travelling with my friend Miss W when she goes touring later this year. We are going to visit some of her blogging friends and their classes as well as some of her genealogy and chat room mates.

I’ll put a map up soon of our route and you might be able to add yourself to it in case we have time to visit you and your class as well.

Well enough about me for now. I have to start getting my passport ready.

I will need a passport photo – could you create one for me that I could also use as an avatar. Remember you can’t smile in a passport photo. No bigger than 97 by 97 pixels. Email your passport photo as an attachment to Miss W.

See you all later.