Squirrel worried about Mr Davo Devil

Squirrel:  Miss W! Miss W!

Miss W: What’s the problem Squirrel?

Squirrel: Have you seen Davo since we got home to Tasmania?

Miss W: Now I think about it, he wasn’t in the suitcase when I unpacked last night. Do you have any idea where he might be?

Squirrel: Well, I heard he had been talking about staying in America and Canada for a bit longer. He loved all the travelling around and thought he could hitch a ride through the postal service to visit lots of other schools that he missed on this trip.

Miss W: We need to send out an alert then on the blog to find out where he might have gone.

Squirrel: I reckon he stayed in Mrs Yollis’ room somewhere. He loved chatting to Panda and Beverly.

Please, please check your classrooms to see if Mr Davo Devil has hidden himself there. Please leave a comment on this post if you find him.

Also please tell him, his blog has been nominated in the Edublog Awards for best new blog. He needs to be around when the announcement is made.

7 thoughts on “NEWS ALERT …… NEWS ALERT ……

  1. Dear Miss W. and Squirrel,

    We have some surprising news for you! Leila discovered Davo hiding behind our visitor count number! He was crouching down and looked a bit sheepish when discovered. Sheepish means he looks a bit embarrassed with shame.

    We can’t believe that he has been here hiding for almost a week!

    Many of the students are interested in taking Davo home for the night. They have some plans for him. Some need help with their homework, others are taking him to exciting places, and one is going to introduce him to her dog, Jasper. We hope they get along!

    I hope you won’t be too lonely without Davo.

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Yollis’s class and Davo

  2. Thank you so much Leila for finding Davo. Also thank you for looking after him, especially at night. Squirrel and I were so worried that he might have tried to hitch hike back to Em in Apache Junction.

    Now we are going to have to work out how we can get him to various schools who might want him to visit during 2012.

  3. Oh my! I am so glad Davo was discovered hiding in a classroom in the United States. I will be looking for blogs from him. I will tell Ms. “T” at my former school in Cincinnati . Perhaps She will ask Davo to visit her classroom of second graders. They are studying animals and habitats this quarter. Looking forward to hearing exciting adventures from Davo Devil and Sammy Squirrel!

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