About Mr Devil

I am a very lucky Tasmanian Devil who is going to be travelling around this great world of ours.

If I stay in Tasmania, Australia I am likely to die of a terrible disease called a facial tumour. Check out the links on this blog to find out more about this disease.

Miss W and I will be travelling around parts of USA and Canada during September to November this year 2011. We will be visiting some friends of hers and also looking at the natural beauty of those countries.

We hope to visit some classes who love blogging.

If you would like us to visit, check out our route map, then send Miss W an email – see widget on sidebar. Mention name of teacher, name of school and state or province. If teacher is on Twitter then twitter name would help as well.

The father of Miss W. “Bob” was visiting the east coast of Tasmania last week and photographed one of my cousins. Check him out.

Ideas for avatar??
Ideas for avatar??

34 thoughts on “About Mr Devil

    • G’day Caitlyn,
      Well it was 14 hours in the plane from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles in California, then we have spent about 7 days driving up the west coast of America and onto Vancouver Island.

  1. Dear Mr. Devil,
    It would be very bad if you lived in Tasmania. I would be very sad if you died of a facial tumor.

  2. I met the most amazing lady and her furry traveling companion today. We all were at Ft. Mandan in North Dakota. Lewis and Clark stayed here the winter of 1804-1805 while on their quest to the Pacific Ocean. They were looking for a waterway across the United States.
    Since the travelers were headed south, I recommended that they stop at Devil’s Tower. I sure hope they were awed by the grandeur it.
    Wishing safe travels and angels on your shoulders.

    • G’day Suzan,
      Thanks for telling us about Devils Tower. Davo tried to climb it but didn’t make it. We arrived there just as they were shutting. There will be a post about our time in Dakota North and SOuth tomorrow probably. Check out his photos then.

  3. Hi,
    I’d love to travel around the world. You are sooooo lucky. 🙂 I know you’ve been to many different countries, so which one would be your favourite and why? This is a bit off the subject, but how do you add an about page? I’ve been trying for ages but I’ve never worked out how to do it. Please come and vist my blog, go to http://www.arcannalog.blogspot.com

    Thanks again, Anna. 🙂

  4. dear Mrs. Wyatt,
    really cool pics on the tazmania devil and on Mr. Davo.
    It was really cool and funny.Now the tazmania devil is one of my favorite animals.thanks for sharing about were you have gone and about Mr. Davo.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Grant. I was very lucky to host Davo in my home(Southampton, MA.), when I was in Kindergarten. I miss him and would love to have him visit again.

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