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If you would like me to visit your school and you are roughly within the route I am planning on, please leave a comment below or contact Miss W. (see link on sidebar)

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    • G’day Mrs Yollis,
      We are certainly visiting your class, in fact you are last stop on our trip. I might hideout in your classroom so I can do some more travelling once Miss W. goes home. Do you think other schools would like me to visit for a longer period of time? The students could take me on trips to local scenic places and go home with them on weekends.

  1. Dear Miss W. and Davo, you are visiting some beautiful places in the United States and Canada. What an amazing trip you will have! Most people in the US and Canada have never traveled so extensively around our own continent. I’m glad you are taking a good part of three months to do it!

    We are so looking forward to you coming to Iowa. Krebs’ Class Bloggers and other bloggers in our area will look forward to meeting you!

    Godspeed on your travels,
    Mrs. Krebs

    • G’day Mrs Krebs,
      Miss W. and I love travelling and we will be visiting your school probably around Mid October. We have to leave plenty of time to see those beautiful leaves changing colour. That doesn’t happen in the true Australian bush as most of our trees are not deciduous.

  2. Dear Miss W. and Davo,
    I hope you have a wonderful trip and you enjoy your time in the USA and Canada. The bloggers from my classroom and school would be thrilled to meet you if you have time to visit us when you are in our home state of Pennsylvania!

  3. if you are in Wichita, Kansas and would care to meet me call me and we will figure a place to meet,,,or let me know when and where you will be,,thank you


  4. Hi Mr Davo Devil, that seems like an excellent trip you have had so far! I have always wanted to go on a trip round the world. Where you start off, in Hobart is close to where I live. I am also going on a trip to Canberra (capital of Australia) on the 18th of August to do a run. Find out more about this at
    Frm Joseph

  5. Miss W and Mr. Davo,

    What an awesome adventure you are about to embark upon. It looks like you will be traveling along the west coast and we would love a visit if you are in the Bay area. We are a sixth grade classroom in Los Altos, California (between San Francisco and San Jose) so if you find yourself traveling along the coast, please stop in and see us. Two more classrooms from our district have joined edublogs for this coming school year. Last year was our first blogging year and this year we are venturing into students owning their own blogs. Very exciting! Hope your travels are safe but full of wonderful surprises!
    Mrs. Thordarson and Room 11

    • Mrs Thordarson,
      If you check the map you will notice we have added you to our journey. In fact you will probably be our first or second school we visit.

      Could you send Miss W some details so she could phone or skype you the day before we get to SF?

  6. Hi Mr. Davo and Miss W,

    We are super excited about your upcoming trip. November is a beautiful time in Arizona. Most likely, it will be in the 70s F (20s C). We are right near the Superstition Mountains and they’re gorgeous.

    Our students are just starting their second week of school, and several classrooms are starting blogs this year. So by the time you get here, they will be well on their way to having blogging part of the daily routine.

    We are all looking forward to your visit.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  7. Hello Mr. Davo and Miss W,

    I noticed on you map that you will be traveling over us in Amarillo, TX. We would love to have you join us at Forest Hill Elementary and share about your amazing adventure. We will be doing some blogging this year to keep up with your trip. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Mr. Merker

  8. Dear Mr.”Davo” Devil, I am hoping to see you soon.A few things you need to know about me is I like the color green. My favorite holiday(s) are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also I am 14yrs old and I have a mom, dad, two brothers, and a dog named cleo.
    – Anthony C

  9. Dear Mr.Davo Devil and Ms. w I think it’s a reat idea that you are doing this. A few things about me is that my favorite color is black, my favorite holiday is Halloween, and I like autum or winter!I hope to see you soon!
    -sincerly, Juan

  10. Dear Mr ‘Davo’ Devil,

    I think this is a really good idea that you are visiting Cathedral of St.Raymonds!I can’t wait to see you in October!


    • Ryan,
      Miss W and I are looking forward to visiting many classes while we are away. The ones we visit have been blogging and Miss W knows the teachers from challenges she has helped run.

  11. Miss W … will look forward to meeting you in Cleveland, whenever you get here. It will be so nice to see you again. Safe travels …

  12. Hi,
    My second grade students write to a class in South Australia. We would love if you can take a side trip to visit us! My students do not blog yet, but I have just learned how to set one up. I would get cracking on it, if you were stopping by! We are about three hours from Chicago in Berlin, WI. My husband and I have visited your wonderful continent twice and LOVE it! We would be happy to host you and Mr. Davo. We will understand though if we are too far off the route you have planned to take. We hope you enjoy your travels!

    • Miss W here,
      Looking on the map you don’t seem to be too far out of the way but it will really depend on how well we are travelling and whether we are in Iowa earlier than planned. Can I get bck to you in a couple of weeks?

  13. Hi Miss W.,

    Yes, please do put us on your list of possible side trips. We are only a half hour away from the home of the Green Bay Packers, the World Champion football team of 2011. We are about an hour and a half from the Milwaukee Brewer baseball stadium. They are currently in the lead in their division. We are ten miles from Oshkosh, home of the Experimental Aviation Association and Musuem. We would be happy to show Mr. Davo any of these places, if he wants to see them. Let us know how the trip is going and if you are ahead or behind schedule. If you are able to do this, about when would it be? (My husband goes elk hunting and I am hoping he would get to meet you both.) Thanks for the quick reply. Hoping it all works out.
    Mrs. C

  14. Wow Miss W, it looks like your trip is becoming more and more full as the days pass. How has the drive been up the U.S. Pacific Coast? My wife and I took the same trip from LA to BC last year. If you check out our blog there’s an image of statues that you might see while making your way through northern California.

  15. I would love it if you would drop by school…..we are just outside of Kansas City and it looks as if you’ll be coming right through our town.

    How could we work that out?

    • Marsha,
      That would be great. Meeting Bill G in Salinas and a chat room friend in Wichita. Will come through Kansas City to meet you. Could you email me more details like name of school, town, etc?

  16. Hi Miss W! I’m from Mrs. Krebs’ class. I’m an 8th grader, and I am very excited to learn about your journey! I can’t wait to meet with you, and learn about your travels! See you soon!
    Spalding Catholic 🙂

  17. Miss W

    When do you think Mr. Davo can visit. I miss him so much. I wish you guys can visit for New Year’s but that probably won’t happen.

    See you soon,

  18. Hey Davo – Thanks for visiting us in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,Canada. Please make sure to add us to your map journey!!! We were excited to be able to be the first to show you around our wonderful prairie province.

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