Write the caption

SnowyBob, Miss W’s dad, left a comment asking to see a photo of Miss W and myself on the 49th parallel.

Where’s that you ask?

It is the border between USA and Canada.

Well here we are in the International Peace Garden.

What do you think I am saying to Miss W?

I am in USA while Miss W is in Canada.

Think of an amusing caption for the image.

Leave your answer as a comment.



46 thoughts on “Write the caption

  1. Hey Miss W,
    Last spring I participated in your blogging challenage. My teacher just imformed me that you will soon being visiting my class in Iowa with Mrs.Krebs. I cant wait to see you soon and hear about your adventures.

    • Samuel,
      The weather has been very mixed – high winds in Altamont, Manitoba, rain on Vancouver Island and tonight it looks like thunderstorms over Mount Rushmore where I am going tomorrow. See if you can find all these places on a map. Hope school is going well and you are keeping up with the work.

  2. Dear Miss W and Mr. Devil,
    I don’t have an amusing caption for you! However, it sounds like Mr. Devil has been a bit naughty lately. I hope you are giving him a little discipline on this trip!
    I don’t think he would like to stay at the 49th parallel this winter!
    Mrs. Hembree

  3. Hello Mr Devil and Mrs. W,
    It looks like you guys are having a good time! Hope to see you both soon in Mrs. Krebs’ Class.

  4. Davo : How’s the weather in Canada?

    Miss W : Not bad for fall. You’d be familar with it, considering one mor step and you’ll be in Canada also!

  5. Davo: It’s been my life long dream to go to Canada! When will I ever be able to go?
    Miss W: Really? Well, I really want to go to the U.S.A some day!
    Davo: Okay! just step on over here!

  6. Hello Mr,

    I like this post, is very interesting and I also think I will be there in a couple of days, please vist my blog and comment and also I write you this to compleate challenge 7.

  7. […] This week for the challenge, the activity I chose was to comment on Mr. Davo Devil’s blog. It was to either comment on the 49th parallel post or to suggest a song Davo could sing if inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I commented on the 49th parallel post to see it click here. […]

  8. This is what I think Davo is saying! :
    Hello, Miss W! Isn’t that spectaclar building back there amazing? All of the colours are out of this world!

  9. what do you get when you cross a glove with a tassy devil? i have no idea but i know you wouldnt shake hands with it greetings!

  10. Hi Miss W.

    if davo is on one side and you on the other, how come you are not being penalized by the authorities?

    visit my blog: 6amartinsblog.weebly.com

    • Martin,
      We are in the Peace Garden which is on the border between Canada and USA. The border customs is directly outside the entrance/exit of the garden.

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